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Discover Minebook

An integrated work management platform designed to optimize day-to-day mining operations of any size.


Compare the planned versus the actual in real time

Adjust your short-term planning for optimal execution

Share your current mining plan with other teams and adjust to any situation by adding tasks and details on the go. Each department can create their own projects without compromising the integrity of other schedules.


Key Benefits

Expose short-term planning to critical operations resources

Import and compile operations data

Track KPIs and critical tasks in real time

Optimize and realign priorities instantly


Standardize and automate your execution process

Ensure quality standards throughout the entire mining process

With Minebook, mining departments can work together by sharing real-time information within a wellstructured, organized environment. Quickly create templates, including task link and requirement presets, so as all critical data are provided and shared between mining departments.

Process Mining_1.png
Mining Process_2.png
Mining Process_3.png


Ensure quality control for each task: add a requirement checklist to be filled by each task owner before completing the task.



Create fields and add formulas to track key project



Collaborate across teams

Work together with everyone involved in your mining process in an

all-in-one platform.

Collaboration EN.gif

Multiple departments can view the information recorded in the fields to ensure the appropriate measures are taking place.

Break down silos and provide the right information to the right employees.


Work efficiently in a clear and well-structured environment

Task Details

Add descriptions, comments and other information to provide more context on task progress and history in a single tool.


Assign tasks to owners responsible for updating and completing them.

Priority and Indicator

Show pending and critical tasks to ensure high-priority tasks are completed first.


Invite coworkers to help you complete your tasks, by sending them subtasks that include specific requirements and due dates.



Minebook drives KPIs that matter for your mine site

Build your dashboards and track performances

Get a clear picture of a given situation by
displaying strong data that remain linked to their execution details, leading quickly to events, comments and directly involved people.

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