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About Us


At Progximity, we transform the conventional work organization methods of the mining industry to better meet its current needs.

We are Progximity

At Progximity, we are committed to constantly pushing our limits to become better and achieve excellence. This commitment requires constant efforts to optimize our work time and focus on the right courses of action. Guided by this vision, we created Minebook: a platform that provides mining industry resources  with a tailored solution to meet their needs and make their work more efficient.

Founded in 2018, Progximity is a software development company that caters to the mining industry. We created a platform that facilitates communication among mining teams and their involvement in achieving strategic objectives.

Our solution is based on collaborative work. The platform allows team members to share information about their tasks in real time with their teams, in order to speed up decision making and improve work efficiency.

Our Values


From implementation to delivery, the quality of our products and services must meet our clients’ expectations.


By working closely with us, you benefit from the support of a partner who cares about the success of its clients and who honours its commitments.


The quest for excellence means constantly challenging what we have learned, daring to think out of the box and always be seeking solutions.


Why Minebook?

Using the Minebook platform allows each staff member in a mining organization to share information in real time in an efficient, well-structured environment.


Obtain a clear vision of progress in the mining projects concerning your team and other groups. Communicate directly with a task owner and make necessary adjustments to its execution. Be notified immediately of any changes involving you to ensure better follow-up.

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Management Team

Jalna Lamontagne, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Trained as a metallurgist, Jalna is in charge of the company's business development and outreach. She holds a degree in mining and mineral processing engineering from Université Laval and has worked for several years in metallurgy for gold mines. Co-founder of Progximity, Jalna brings her experience as a work organization and coordination expert to support the company's growth.

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Jonathan Bouchard, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

An engineer by training, Jonathan is in charge of software development. He holds a degree in mining and mineral processing engineering from Université Laval and has worked for several years in mine planning. Co-founder of Progximity, Jonathan builds on his experience to develop the entire Minebook platform.

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